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Acharya Charaka:
A physician who was the scholar known for his power to enter the body of a patient with the lamp of knowledge and understanding.He never treat diseases. He was known to first study all the factors, including environment, which influence a patient’s disease, and then prescribe treatment. His concept was "It is more important to prevent the occurrence of disease than to seek a cure".These remarks appear rudimentary today, but they were made by Acharya  Charaka, some 20 centuries ago in his famous Ayurvedic treatise Charakasamhita. The treatise contains many more such remarks which are practically applied reference  even today. Some of his quotes are in the fields of physiology, etiology and embryology.Acharya Charaka was the first physician to present the concept of digestion, metabolism and immunity. According to him a body functions because it contains three dosha or humours, namely VATA,PITTA and KAPHA. These dosha are produced when dhatus, act upon the food eaten. For the same quantity of food eaten, one body, however, produces dosha in an amount different from another body. That is why one body is different from another. For instance, it is more weighty, stronger, more energetic.
This Blog will highlights the applied aspect of his concept in different ailments

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